[Poem a Day] “Morning Crept Up”

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I’ve definitely got an obsession with certain scenes as a writer, and I’m going to apologize right now to anyone who’s been and going to follow my work for the long haul – they’re going to pop up over and over and over again in my Instagram posts. I can’t stop returning to the bar scene and (more topically) what I like to call the dark room.

Dark, not sad. This isn’t an image of solitude, never is, but it always carries this air of loneliness, even when the characters within the setting are together. It’s more than your typical targeted loneliness, there the emotion has a target and a cause – it’s more like something that consistently hangs in the background. Always has – before and after the dark room. Something about the near silence, the rhythmic breath, the absence of color, the bottleneck of light, the desaturation that swallows everything…some combination of those things just brings it out just a little bit further from the wings.




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