[Poem a Day] “Bin Poetry”

Check out today’s post on Instagram. 

I used to be obsessed with writing nothing but keepers.

That’s much easier to do when you haven’t been writing poetry each and every day for the past four months. I’d get so hung up over not being able to drum up a line that wasn’t an instant winner that I’d start second guessing my entire Instagram project, my ability as a writer, my own capacity to go the distance – pretty much every doubt you can have as someone who consistently puts their work out there for the world to see.

It’s funny how little it took to shake me.

Nowadays, I do all my writing in a separate document labelled “Freewrites”, and that’s exactly how I go about things. I throw some music on and let whatever it is bouncing around in my head come out, in whatever form that might be in. It’s a kind of writing that doesn’t guarantee by ANY measure consistent poetry that you feel genuinely driven to post, but it allows you to create incomplete forms that you can come back to later – versions of a thought you want to explore that you can’t quite wrap words around right now, but you’re bound to be able to explore more fully later.

It’s a much better method than just “binning” your weaker lines, if you ask me.

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