[Poem a Day] “Lingering Anatomy”

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Sometimes we’ve just got to feel things. I’m not sure pointing to a specific point on a laminated chart necessarily helps that, and it’s probably more redundant than it is helpful. There’s a lot of emphasis on fixing things out there – immediately patching what’s broken so life can return to a clean, pristine, fully functioning state – well oiled and purring like a cat. But as cliche as it sounds, remaining broken, in certain situations, at least, can prove to be a healthy experience – given you find your way back from it. If you let that kind of experience inform your work – not necessarily saturate it, like I think we see more often – I think you’ll find that you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

[Poem a Day] “Blind Decline”

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Finally back after a few days with that plague that seems to be ripping its way through the better part of the United States. I figured I’d be okay without a flu shot this year, being that I’m not spending the majority of my time around a germ-riddled university anymore, but I ended up getting slammed with a couple days of sick anyway.

There’s honestly nothing like the complete physical inability to get anything done to remind you of what really needs to get done. Buckling down on really getting the last bits of this book together and trying to get a little more organized with a couple hundred different pieces scattered around Scrivener. It’s going to be a busy day.

[Poem a Day] “Clean Energy”

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Those energy plants off the Garden State Parkway have always been an eyesore, but as a kid, you just sort of see things differently.

The smoke bellowing from the high stacks would just sort of blend in with the gray sky on cloudy days, and I thought for sure that there was some weather magic at play whenever we’d drive past some days. The occasional spurt of flame from a chimney was a daytime firework – nothing more.

[Poem a Day] “The Invariable Lack of Everything”

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I’m slowly figuring out more and more ways to write about having writer’s block and I’m not necessarily sure that’s a good thing.

That aside, you should try this sometime. Actually listen to silence. No one else milling about in the background, no white noise from the drier or your laptop fan, nothing. Really listen to the actual sound of silence and you’ll notice that little buzz – just a sort of high pitched tremor in the air.

There’s something oddly soothing about it.

[Poem a Day] “Tangent”

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I’m starting to feel like I’m not a huge fan of minimalist poetry.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely see the audience for it, and the inherent accessibility of it. It’s more a personal dissatisfaction with what I try to write of it, and what I have written of it in the past. I can throw a one or two liner down and have it stand as its own prettily declarative sentence, but I get this itch the longer I stare at it. Something about those pieces in particular just doesn’t feel done, and lately I’m getting the urge to go back to some of my older stuff and extend it, feeling those sentiments deserved a little more attention and effort.

I’ll still mess with it every now and then, but I think you guys know the rough outline of what my style really is by now.