[Poem a Day] “Moon Worshipers”

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Looking forward to getting over this flu bug more than anything else. It’s not as though I’m at a loss of what to write about, I think it’s all still brewing up there – it just feels as though I’m writing through a haze right now. Despite writing not really being a physically taxing activity by any means, I think little kinks in your current state of health are always going to give what you come up with a bit of a bend.

Mostly I think it’s just the degree to which present mentality actually affects your writing. Subject matter can exist in a bubble, but there’s only so much the writer can completely isolate from the current piece they’re working on. Because of how personally involved writing is, things are bound to seep in subconsciously, even things as subtle and seemingly inconsequential as “shit, my head feels stuffed to an ungodly degree right now”.