[Poem a Day] “Bridge”

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Trying something new when it comes to my writing routine recently.

I’ve always been the kind of person who can’t write to music with words with it. Always sort of felt like my thought process gets drowned out by the act of absorbing the music, and parsing the words, and how much I’m delving into what I’m listening to, so if I do listen to music while I write, it’s usually something repetitive and without lyrics – like lofi-chillhop or something.

But recently, I’ve really been trying to work around the music I usually listen to, and the process has become a bit interesting, actually. I’m still fixated on the words while I’m writing, but there almost feels like there’s a push and pull sometimes between what I’m listening to and what’s going down on the page, and a conversation can take place if I just sort of give myself to stream of consciousness and write without thinking too hard about it.

Definitely something I want to keep messing around with a bit more.