[Poem a Day] “Cloudy Groundhog Day”

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Being in a rut doesn’t necessarily have to be the inability to write anything at all. Writer’s block isn’t as catastrophic as some people might have you think – it’s just a momentary inability to translate what drives your writing onto the page, and that passes eventually. Sit with anything long enough and you’ll grow familiar with it – familiar enough to be able to describe its edges, its shape, and then its whole.

But repetition is also a huge bane for writers, people like me who push themselves to make something every single day – and I suppose the same might apply to anyone who creates anything daily. Sometimes you feel like you’ve done the same thing over and over and over again, and you feel sort of trapped in the same photograph, reliving the same lines. It’s especially rough if that feeling carries over into things that exist outside your craft, bleeding into your personal life a little bit.

Personally, I try not to view it in a bad way. If I feel as though I’m writing an old poem again in a different body, then screw it, I will. I’ll just take that as an exersize in compressing that feeling that’s resurfaced in my head enough to write a poem about it, and wrap it up in a different form, give it a different flavor. The same feeling on a different day never feels quite the same, so I translate that into my writing the best I can.

One thought on “[Poem a Day] “Cloudy Groundhog Day”

  1. I, too, have decided to take up the challenge of writing daily and I totally get what you’re talking about. I do agree with all that you’ve said. I like the way you think dude

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