[Poem a Day] “So We’ll Sleep In”

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I don’t know about you guys, but I”ve got the good fortune of actually having an anniversary the day after Valentines day. Meaning one extra day to prepare, and a much smaller crowd to deal with when it comes to getting a nice meal somewhere.

That being said, Im still throwing some stuff together in preperation, so wishing me a bit of luck would be fantastic. 😉

As for the rest of you, have some fun today. Celebrating or not.

[Poem a Day] “The Usual Uncertainties”

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I wonder if our tendancies to daydream get worse now that we’re all constantly multitasking. We’re basically conditioning ourselves to be completely on more than one thing at any given moment – I’ve really got to wonder if that gives us any more of an increased predisposition to mentally being in two places at once.

Not like I’m one to complain about that, though. Daydreaming is where most of these posts come from, so I guess the alternative would be radio silence, and hell, what fun is that?

[Poem a Day] “OST”

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I think it’d be tricky for someone to score my life – set a background track to it that wouldn’t sound blazingly jarring to listen to in the long haul. I don’t feel like there’s too much consistency – I’d be running completely different playlists for the thirty minutes that might comprise “now” than the thirty minutes that comprise four years ago, and something tells me that the transition would be more than a little startling…

[Poem a Day] “And Returns Like Color T.V”

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One thing I like about shorter pieces is the tweaking you can do with enjambment and end punctuation.

I feel inclined to mostly stick with convention when it comes to my longer, prose-y stuff – just because I like my pieces to be read out loud just as easily, but with shorter, floatier stuff you can play around with how punctuation and floating lines make you feel.

Maybe a period can help convey the finality or weight in a line’s stop. A comma and a dash deliver two distinct kinds of pauses at the end of a word. And no punctuation at all can leave lines hanging there, about to drift into something else or nothing at all.

[Poem a Day] “They Say He Went Mute”

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There’s this guy I chatted with sometimes, back when I used to work retail. He wrote, and knew I wanted to start, and just told me to write something every day – even if it’s just a line. Make sure to get something down.

Just sort of remembering that this morning got me thinking about how once you’ve started writing – once you’ve made it a part of your day that just happens as naturally as a meal or something – you’re sort of always writing anyway. If you’re not physically getting it down on paper, you’ve absorbing everything and generating lines, consciously or unconsciously, that you’re bound to get down later.

This came from that, I think.

[Poem a Day] “Tonic and Time Machines”

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I’m not sure I believe a lot of the people that try to insist their writing isn’t really for anyone but themselves.

I mean sure, therapeutic writing may be a thing – I can appreciate the value of journaling, but there’s just something to the act of making a contrived thought physical that makes it a little less sacred than a thought floating in your head. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s what I do on a daily basis by putting a piece up on IG every day, and blogging on here.

The moment you write something – the moment you create a physical artifact containing a thought, a feeling, an emotion – you create a means for someone other than yourself to appreciate it. And I think that desire might be a subconscious thing, no matter what you’re bringing into being.

At the same time, I think in writing for other people, you’re also unconsciously creating for yourself. Pieces become artifacts of a moment – small fragment of you as you were in the moment of writing that piece. That moment becomes concrete along with the work.