[Poem a Day] “Railway Bones” – An Excerpt

Check out today’s post on Instagram.

Apologies for all that radio silence yesterday. It was a pretty nice day out so I went out an enjoyed it. Sort of lost track of things.

Like I said in the Instagram post for this poem and as you might have gathered from the title of this blog post, this is a bit from a longer piece that I’m working on right now called “Railway Bones”. I’m trying to approach this piece a bit differently – where before, more or less all of my poems can sort of be interpreted to have me, Blue, as the narrator, I wanted to speak through a character this time around. I haven’t really given him a name – taken to calling him “The Man On The Tracks”.

It’s an interesting experience taking this approach, though – I didn’t really have a projected message in mind when I set out to write this guy’s story, I just had him and a rough setting: the noonday sun and these abandoned tracks he’s following for some reason. I’m sort of discovering his motivations as I move through the poem, finding out what drives him, and how he occupies the space he’s in.

Don’t quite have the whole piece done just yet. Maybe I’ll throw it up here once it is.

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