[Poem a Day] “Wax Paper and Light”

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I just finished reading Vincent Larkin’s Chiaroscuro yesterday and felt decidedly okay about it. Didn’t really blow my mind overall – his poetry’s a bit cliche-ridden and that bleeds a bit over into his short fiction and prose. He’s definitely better at the latter than the former. But finishing this book meant that I could finally get to reading The Lords And The New Creatures by Jim Morrison from The Doors.

Christ, this book is a trip. I’m not sure whether or not I’m reading dozens of micro poems or one long piece written in freeverse. It’s a bit more of a dense, obscure read, even if some of the pages only have one line written on them.

Ended up staring at a page that had nothing but “In the womb we are blind cave fish” written on it.

May have to sit with this one for a little while.