[Poem a Day] “A Moment of Traffic Dread”

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I realize how weird the [Poem a Day] bracket looks when I post – especially since I don’t even necessarily post on here or Instagram every day. I’m much more dutiful on Instagram, and even there I manage 5 or 6 uploads a week. Which I don’t think is bad by any means – there have definitely been times where I’ve felt absolutely burnt out when it comes to writing, and just powered through regardless.

[Poem a Day] is more like a personal exercise for myself to have something written every day – even if I don’t post it. When I’m not writing and formatting for posts on social media, I’m doing stream of consciousness writing in my notebook and picking out good lines to throw onto my idea wall, or revising old poems for either submission or compilation. It’s more to have something to show for myself when the day’s done, and less me throwing something up on Instagram just to do so.