[Poem a Day] “Stretched Thin”

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At the last poetry reading I went to, someone asked about the process of prewriting – how and whether or not the featured writers mapped out their ideas pre-write and turned them into finished products.

One of them made a really good point about the formative stages of a poem, though – often, you don’t even really begin with an overarching meaning, or set acts, or talking points for a piece. Often, it’s just a line that sounds sonically pleasing that leads you to generating a piece of work with depth.

I liked that a lot.

[Poem a Day] “Completionism”

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Sometimes I think that the phrase “cog in the machine” is giving ourselves way too much credit. By their nature, one cog will be absolutely integral to the functionality of the ones right next to it. They can be replaced by any other of similar size, sure, but without a cog in its specific spot, things actually do just stop moving.

We’re not so lucky.

Or hell, maybe that is lucky. But more for everyone else.

[the_blue_notes collabs] A Yet Unnamed Piece With @nathabrahams79

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Starting to roll out some collaborative work after sending the call out last week. I’ve always thought it’s important to work with other people on pieces now and then when it comes to poetry. When you’re coming out with near-daily content to post every day, it’s a little too easy to get caught up in your own rhythms, your own talking points, your usual topics. Granted, your the collabs that you choose to pursue might even still fall into those veins. But they allow you to introduce a secondary voice to the mix, one you’ll have to put a little effort into harmonizing and weaving with. It’s something that you’ll grow from as an artist, without a doubt.

I’ll link over to Nathan’s Instagram here – make sure to show him some love.

[Poem a Day] “As It Slips Backwards”

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Starting to catch a little more momentum by prewriting with pen and paper before I go to the ‘ol keyboard. I don’t usually do that – for the longest time, I’ve been more of a write only via a word processor kind of person, with a pocket notebook only around for those occasions where I can’t pull a file up.

I think it’s less about the old “laptops are rife with distractions” argument, though. When I find myself plugging away at a piece, I’ll often go back and forth between it and other things regardless of the medium I’m working on – it’s just the way I tend to operate when I’m creating. There’s just this sense of deliberacy and tactile satisfaction that goes along with scrawling out a few pages of ideas that gets a flow going I don’t usually get to see when I’m on a keyboard.

[Poem a Day] “Passerby”

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So, this weekend I found out I might be allergic to something in Negronis.

Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward cocktail, so I know for sure it’s either Gin, Sweet Vermouth, or Campari.

Not so luckily, there’s a one in three chance that I’m allergic to Gin.

Even less luckily, there may be an astronomically low chance that I’m allergic to alcohol.