[Poem a Day] “Reboots”

Check out today’s post on Instagram.

When I get into a writing slump, it doesn’t necessarily stop me from writing. There’s usually some stray line I’ve got backlogged somewhere that I haven’t touched that’ll be enough to elicit something rough out of me at the very least. My slumps settle more inwards – I get a bit more down on the longevity of my writing, or even writing in general.

Which is funny because initially, I never thought I’d make any traction with this to begin with. So maybe I can call my 2500 followers on Instagram a blessing, and it’s still up in the air whether or not I deserve one. But now that I’ve got a feel of my own general ability, and my own (admittedly modest, but still) degree of pull, I can’t help but develop a little bit of ambition when it comes to getting my work out there.

The slow haul challenges that, sometimes.

I’m not stopping. Nothing close to that, believe me. This is something I genuinely love doing, and hopefully will continue to do for the foreseeable future. I just need to shake some of the drag off my sails is all.

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