[Poem a Day] “Occupancies”

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Got the new Arctic Monkeys album playing in the background while I’m writing today. Maybe it shows, maybe it doesn’t. I’m certainly not going to make any claims. ;3

I really dig the sound, though. Dusty lounge music is a good look on these guys, despite what a lot of people are saying about the deviation from their usual sound.

That’s something I ‘haven’t really experienced yet, now that I think of it. Getting called out on a complete turnaround in sound when it comes to my work. Maybe it’s just partially me not being out in the open for too long yet, but I don’t personally think I’ve deviated from the core noises I make since I’ve started doing this seriously.

Maybe if/when it comes, I won’t really notice it. Sort of like how you don’t notice yourself growing taller until someone points it out.