[Poem a Day] “As It Slips Backwards”

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Starting to catch a little more momentum by prewriting with pen and paper before I go to the ‘ol keyboard. I don’t usually do that – for the longest time, I’ve been more of a write only via a word processor kind of person, with a pocket notebook only around for those occasions where I can’t pull a file up.

I think it’s less about the old “laptops are rife with distractions” argument, though. When I find myself plugging away at a piece, I’ll often go back and forth between it and other things regardless of the medium I’m working on – it’s just the way I tend to operate when I’m creating. There’s just this sense of deliberacy and tactile satisfaction that goes along with scrawling out a few pages of ideas that gets a flow going I don’t usually get to see when I’m on a keyboard.

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