[Poem a Day] “Between Us”

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Yikes, these are getting a bit longer.

I’ve always been more at home writing longer pieces – I started out writing fiction and short stories before I even considered throwing serious work into poetry. Instagram definitely favors work that’s concise enough to fit within their medium, though – so I tend to post my shorter work more and leave my longer pieces to magazine and publication submissions.

I feel like I sound like myself more when I give myself room to work, though. Wish I could post these on Insta in a way that feels a bit less clunky.

[Poem a Day] “Fold Inwards”

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I feel as though reading different authors has a tendency of snapping me back to the point in time where I read them religiously.

I used to eat, drink, and sleep Bukowski while I was just starting to post my work online, but for the longest time, he was really my only influence. I picked a collection of his up in a Barnes and Noble once and went crazy over it, and I’m pretty sure that bled pretty heavily into a lot of my earlier work.

But then I think I started drawing too heavily on ‘ol Hank and felt like I’d dried myself up somehow. Writer’s block kept hitting every time I’d sit down on the keyboard, which is never a good feeling for someone who really wants to get their best work out there for people to see. Granted, I think it was also the fact that I was keeping a three-poems-a-day schedule back then, and didn’t know that was a fast track to burning myself out completely.

Anyway, this is all just sort of a long winded way of saying that I borrowed another Bukowski book from my girlfriend the other day and, well – it was weird. It was almost like burying myself in that book caused my brainstorming process to revert back to maybe eight-ish months ago, and while I was enjoying what I was reading, I was completely at a loss as to what to write for myself. What little I did get down felt dry and not quite up to my usual standards.

Thankfully I had the good sense to step back and pull up a few other authors I’ve been delving into lately – a little bit of Ross Martin here, a bit of Ben Purkert there. Fixed me right up, and I ended up with this bit of stream of consciousness. It’s definitely not complete, but it’s a start, and a start is a goddamn godsend after you’ve been floundering for an hour in front of a keyboard.


Hey. I’m Still Alive.

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Hey there. Deeeeeefinitely not dead, I promise.

Been on a bit of an odd morning schedule lately, so I’ve been able to pound out my usual Insta posts during the week, but I’ve been lagging behind a bit on my site. Nothing’s changing – just needed a couple extra hours here and there to fix up a few things on my end. Keep expecting posts on the usual schedule here.

[Poem a Day] “Occupancies”

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Got the new Arctic Monkeys album playing in the background while I’m writing today. Maybe it shows, maybe it doesn’t. I’m certainly not going to make any claims. ;3

I really dig the sound, though. Dusty lounge music is a good look on these guys, despite what a lot of people are saying about the deviation from their usual sound.

That’s something I ‘haven’t really experienced yet, now that I think of it. Getting called out on a complete turnaround in sound when it comes to my work. Maybe it’s just partially me not being out in the open for too long yet, but I don’t personally think I’ve deviated from the core noises I make since I’ve started doing this seriously.

Maybe if/when it comes, I won’t really notice it. Sort of like how you don’t notice yourself growing taller until someone points it out.

[Poem a Day] “Doppler Blues”

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If you’ve been paying reaaaaaaaaally close attention to my work, you might notice that the title for this piece is a little self referential. “Doppler blues” was one of the lines I used in one of the larger pieces for my book draft – one of the few out of the longer pieces I actually posted to Instagram.

And although it does feel a little weird recycling that line, it does bring to mind something an old poetry professor told me about poems never really being done – just “works in progress”. Any line could really belong anywhere else, and you should never really limit yourself to sealing a line or phrase just because you used it somewhere else. Who knows? The new home might suit it better.

[Poem a Day] “Reboots”

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When I get into a writing slump, it doesn’t necessarily stop me from writing. There’s usually some stray line I’ve got backlogged somewhere that I haven’t touched that’ll be enough to elicit something rough out of me at the very least. My slumps settle more inwards – I get a bit more down on the longevity of my writing, or even writing in general.

Which is funny because initially, I never thought I’d make any traction with this to begin with. So maybe I can call my 2500 followers on Instagram a blessing, and it’s still up in the air whether or not I deserve one. But now that I’ve got a feel of my own general ability, and my own (admittedly modest, but still) degree of pull, I can’t help but develop a little bit of ambition when it comes to getting my work out there.

The slow haul challenges that, sometimes.

I’m not stopping. Nothing close to that, believe me. This is something I genuinely love doing, and hopefully will continue to do for the foreseeable future. I just need to shake some of the drag off my sails is all.