[Poem a Day] “Clean Slates”

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There’s a scary thought. What if, whenever we cut ties with someone, the chunk of your life they occupied just vanished without leaving any sign it was there to begin with? Nothing in the present changes – and maybe you’re in a place you’re not entirely sure how you got to – but the experience has more or less been excised from your stockpile of experiences.

Poof. Gone.

[Poem a Day] “Template”

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Boredom worries me more than it should some days. Not necessarily because there’s nothing going on, but more about my hand in my own inactivity.

Monotony is something that mostly stems from your own lack of creativity, or at least a lack of will to create something in a moment. So there’s just a vacancy in its place and you’re hanging there, complaining about your inability to fill it.

Whenever I get to that point, for the most part I know it’s on me. That’s what makes it all the more irritating when I look back on all the projects still left to do on my end.

Maybe I should restructure. Make a damn list or something.

[Poem a Day] “Return”

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Finally, bonfire season is back. Dig out those fire pits. Throw some beer in the cooler.

There’s just something so great about waking up and your clothes smelling like wood smoke. God I missed this.

Yes, I’m getting really jazzed about this on here. Yes, I’m also slightly at a loss as to what else to put underneath these poems. But hey, who’s complaining?

[Poem a Day] “More of the Same”

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Been thinking about trying to snag a typewriter off ebay lately. Not because I’ve got any kind of preference towards analogue – I’ve got my notebooks for that, and even then, I think I honestly prefer writing on a keyboard anyway. I just sort of like the idea of typing things out for people from time to time – there’s a certain charm that comes along with a hand typed page that doesn’t really transfer well to something you typed on a word processor and printed on an inkjet.

Anyone out there got any experience grabbing a cheap one somewhere?