[Poem a Day] “Glassblower”

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I think I’m on to something with this one. It’s one of those pieces where I definitely don’t feel like I’m finished with it despite putting it up – more often than not, that’s a really good thing.

Can’t stress enough how important it is to keep looking back at your own work. I’ve always been of the mind that poems really never do end, they just fall silent for some time.

[Poem a Day] “Travel Guide”

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I love and hate the word “wanderlust”.

It’s like “wild” – it’s been absolutely used to death, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from throwing it into their pieces and expecting the word to carry a poem, or even a feeling all on its own.

That being said, this actually isn’t something I really want to make a pointed rant about, so I’m just going to grump about it over here.

Don’t mind me.

[the_blue_notes collabs] This Time, Featuring @chasingmagpies

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More collab work! It’s been fun doing these so far – they absolutely come together at a different speed than my usual posts. When I’m writing and picking things to format for Instagram, there’s usually never any internal conversation about “is this done”? If it is, that’s fantastic – it’s going up in a typewriter font and a blue background, and we can call it a day. If not, that’s still okay. It’s still getting the digital typewriter treatment, but I file it away as something to be returned to and extended another day.

With collabs, there’s this definite talk at the end of the work about whether what we needed to say with this piece has been said, and whether or not we both feel comfortable putting the piece up in its current form, and I think that naturally makes you treat collaborative work with a little more care than you’d afford to your own stuff, sometimes.

Despite the marginal difference, there’s still a slight separation in terms of process that I’ve come to enjoy. Definitely looking forward to doing more of these going forward.

You can find more of chasingmagpies’ work over at her page. Give it a look!

[Poem a Day] “Sympathetic Decay”

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Recently finished my first little foray into Billy Collins. A musician that I listen to religiously talked about really loving the poetry he wrote, and it piqued my interest – especially since I think Gregory Alan Isakov’s a genius when it comes to modern folk lyrics, and had to see for myself just what kind of poetry he’d be into.

To be fair, he floated his name out there by saying, “I love Billy Collins, even though my writer friends say he’s like the Coldplay of poetry. I love this shit. Give me the hooks, man.”

So I had a bit of a preface. And after reading “Horoscopes For The Dead”, I can definitely see the appeal – I’m just not sure it’s particularly my speed.

Not to say I don’t like the work – he’s got some striking lines in there that make it abundantly clear why he’s touted as one of the most beloved poets in the US. He’s just a little low on the list of poets I’d personally want to read to the point of nausea. My taste in poets has been shifting the more I’ve been reading – hell, even Bukowski is slipping further down that list lately.

[Poem a Day] “Back Around To June”

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Been plugging away at the little audio poetry project I’m working on lately.

Right now, I’ve got a rough cut of what I think I’m looking for, I just don’t have any visuals to go with it. Hell, I’m not sure I even really want visuals in it. I mean – I could just as easily brush the dust off my video equipment, but I’m not sure visuals really enhance the kind of experience I’m going for.

With that in mind, I’m starting to think that maybe I should post to Soundcloud instead of YouTube for this? Still batting ideas around.